Thursday, June 26, 2014

Penne alla Carbonara with Zucchini

Alright I think it’s time to have some confortable food on this blog. By confortable I mean, delicious, fast and ease (and ignoring a bit the diet!). Today we are going to enjoy this awesome recipe of zucchini with pasta alla carbonara, this is a good recipe for when you are tired of having pasta with the same old tomato sauce. So lets innovate and work this carbonara! Come with me and you will see how ease and fast it is.

2 zucchinis chop in little cubes
3 egg yolk
½ cup of heavy cream
2 slices of bacon
1 red chili pepper chopped really small with no seeds
1 garlic glove chopped really small
6 hand full of penne pasta
Parmesan Cheese
Water to boil the pasta
Black pepper
Olive oil

Boil the water with salt and cook the pasta according to the box instructions, while that is happening chop up all the ingredients: zucchini, red chili pepper, bacon and garlic.

In a big pan, heat it up and add the bacon. When some oil start to come out of the bacon, add the garlic and let it fry till both garlic and bacon get crispy. Then add the zucchini and let it cook a little bit in the bacon oil, if there’s not enough for all the zucchini you can add some olive oil. Add the red pepper, salt, black pepper and a little rosemary (careful to not put too much of rosemary, it’s suppose to be only a hint). Mix everything up and and let it cook till you get a golden zucchini.

While the zucchini is cooking, prepare the carbonara sauce, in a bowl put the egg yolk, heavy cream and a good hand full of parmesan cheese. Mix it well till you get a homogeneous mixture in a light yellow. Add a little black pepper and salt to it.

When the pasta get ready, add it to the zucchini pan. But remember to save some of the pasta hot water to use it later, turn off the stove. Now you get prepared for the last part. The important here is to eat the carbonara right when you finish it, because once it get cold the taste of the sauce gets dull.

In the zucchini + pasta pan, add the egg yolk with 2 big spoons of the hot water from the pasta, and mix it well. The egg yolk will cook with the warmth from the water and the zucchini so don’t worry about it (if you try to cook it in the stove you will get scramble eggs with pasta, so trust me on this!). Mix everything till you get a golden creamy sauce.

There you go. A really ease comfortable food!

Bon appetit!

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