Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Grandma's Eggplant

Today's recipe is a wonderful recipe that my grandma Wilta taught me. The cool thing about this recipe is that you can cook it Sunday night - like I did - and then you can use it to though out all week using it on salads, pizzas, sandwiches, bruschetta, etc. This amount that I am cooking on this recipe was good for me for more then a week. And don't worry, the longer the eggplant stays in the fridge on a proper container, the better it taste because of the vinegar!

It is a vegan recipe but even the carnivorous will love to have some of these on their barbecue!

Let's cook!

3 Medium eggplants
3 Bell pepper (what ever color you like, I used one red, one green and one yellow)
2 Medium onions
4 Garlic gloves
1 Chili pepper
A handful of parsley
6 black olives
Olive oil
Black pepper

Monday, January 5, 2015

Healthy Chicken with Pesto

You know when you feel like having some chicken and want to do something healthy, tasty and easy but you can't stand that grilled chicken anymore. Well, when I get sick of the grilled chicken, this is what I do. It's fast, easy and is always delicious!

Next time you get visitors for dinner, you should definitely think about this option, since it is really beautiful on your plate and tasty.

1 Chicken Breast Fillet
1 Table spoon of pesto
1 Lime juice
Black pepper
Olive Oil

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cheesy Souffle Omelette

Today I was feeling like having an omelette, but to make it more fun to post on the blog I decided to make the recipe a little bit more interesting and different then the regular omelette. I found this one in one of the books I have and decided to make it because it looked so good in the picture I had to try it out.

It may look difficult but trust me, it's easy and delicious!

3 eggs
1 cup of parmesan cheese
1 table spoon of parsley
1 table spoon of salted butter
Salt and black pepper

Friday, January 2, 2015

Mustard Dressing for Salads

I believe that for a good salad all you need is a good dressing. It doesn't matter if you get the best ingredients in the world, if the dressing is bad, it will ruin the whole salad. So, thinking about this, i decided to give to you guys this recipe for a delicious dressing made with mustard, that way you can vary a little bit more then the basic vinegar + olive oil. You have in your kitchen a lot of possibilities for great dressings, all that is stopping you is only your creativity! So let's work!

Usually when I make the dressing for my salads I don't have exact quantities for the ingredients, it varies according to the quantity of salad I have or the taste I have on that day, so even that I put the quantity here please keep tasting your dressing while seasoning it to make sure it is according to your taste.

Black pepper
Olive oil
1 table spoon of dijon mustard (in case you don't have the dijon option, you can use the regular mustard with honey and a pinch of mayonnaise)
1 garlic glove chopped really small