Friday, March 27, 2015

Penne With Pesto

Today I'm going to teach you a quick golden recipe. It's really good for those who are sick of having the same old tomato sauce pasta and want to vary a little. This is a delicious recipe, but go easy on it because it is really heavy and your gym instructor will not like if you eat this too much. lol But once in a while won't hurt! =D

The good thing about this recipe is how quick it is to make it. It's not always that I have ready pesto from store at home, so when I do I like to enjoy it as much as I can with this pasta and with my other recipe Healthy Chicken with pesto which is amazing as well.

Now let's dive into some basil!

4 handful of penne cooked according to package instructions
300g of parmesan cheese
3 table spoon of pesto
A handful of fresh basil (or a little dried basil in case you don't have fresh)
Black pepper
Olive oil

Start by cooking the penne according to the package instructions, while it is cooking take this time to shred your cheese and wash your basil leafs.

When your penne is ready, in a pan and add a little olive oil and then add the pesto in medium low. Once the pesto start to bubble, add the cheese. Season it with black pepper and just a little salt (the cheese + pesto is already salty so be careful to not go heavy on it). In case the sauce looks too thick, add some water from the pasta to dilute it. Once everything is bubbling add the penne and mix it all.

Voila! A super quick and delicious pasta for you!

 Tip: this recipe goes really well with a grilled chicken breast and wine. Yummmm!!

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